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The transitions and the awakening path can be challenging …It feels lonely during the reconstruction phase, isn’t it?


As if no one around you understands what is happening to you. You know that you are going through something massive, but it seems to make no sense at all. As if you are the only one standing alone in your journey.


We lightworkers, on purpose, take the challenging journey of human life to then break the patterns of older templates and matrices.


And then with the waking up, you feel all the weirder as there seems to be something holding you back. You wonder, “Something is hindering me to move forward but I don’t know what it is.”


 You want to get rid of this inexplicable pain and confusion, but you don’t know how can you put all that to rest.


You want to hold back to your old life but it doesn’t resonate with you.


You feel like you are in no man’s land as the newness hasn’t been birthed yet.


And you are losing the grip on the old.


You are not alone at all, my friend!


I am here with you and have created ways to gently transition to the newness that’s birthing through you.


As an X-Dimensional Energetic Healer, it’s my passion to use my clear channel, connection to my higher team of guides, and as a visionary- the ability to see through without any perceptions or blockages.


I have developed advanced techniques to clearly shed a light on blockages, tethers, and implants buried deep within the subconscious and help you heal what has created the stuck energy.

Through my sessions, I help you untether from the energetic blocks that are resisting the flow of your transformation.


I support you in transmuting your trauma to Divinity so you can step into the light that’s so needed right now.


We are birthing the NEW EARTH by rebirthing ourselves. 


 Laying foundations to fully own your truth and the light you hold within; knowing your uniqueness is precious to light the way.


Reconnect to yourself in fullness that will pave the way to all the things you love, desire, and wish.


How would life be if you have the spiritual tools to navigate your life with less resistance, more clarity, and greater love?

Get ready to own your light!

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