Welcome to Untethered Goddess


Live to your highest potential

My sessions are personalised to help you:

– Live from your awareness and consciousness


– Identify and release the outdated cultural paradigm and old programming


-Create a new matrix of love to live


-Awaken you to your highest potential


– Reconnect to your inner child


-Unleash your inner Goddess to rekindle the confidence, worth, and truth


– Let go of all that no longer serves you



Neglecting your goddessy(feminine) parts can result in suppression, exhaustion, resentment, and a persistent suffocation/oppression in your life.

It can even lead to ailments, injuries, health issues, utter misery, or imbalance.


There are ways in which we can recalibrate your energy by tapping into your inner goddess, rebalancing the energies that support you to feel more empowered, confident, and connected to yourself.

Connecting with your inner goddess will allow you to feel freer, happier, and healthier.

I  help rekindle the connection with your inner goddess, channel and align with the goddess within that will foster your feminine energy allowing you to claim your power.

Any questions?

Invoke Inner Goddess

Through light-languages & codes re-establish the connection to your heart space.


Soul/Past Life Recall Regression

Experience recall regression which will help you reveal the core memories of past life/experiences.


Deeper Inner Healing

We work together with your issues using integrated healing techniques based on your needs.


Emotion Code Healing

Experience trapped emotions releasing from your body and field for good.

Thoughts to share!

Toxic GUILT is one of the hardest emotions to release as it's intertwined with other emotions and beliefs that we often think that it's normal to feel guilty. But as we take steps towards healing and releasing what no longer serves us, we realise that...

There is NOT a thing we have to do to prove that we are WORTHY. We came as valuable beings on this EARTH plane. There is no relationship, title, position, possession, job, scholarship, status, size/weight, etc., that proves we are worthy. We are born WORTHY and...

Many psychoanalysts/psychologists like Freud, Adler, Jung, etc., developed therapies based on a common understanding that our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour are influenced by our upbringing, past experiences and social environment, and culture. Humans are complex social beings and can't be isolated from the environment we...

Out of compulsive habits, most of us live in the past- churning stories of what happened, why, how, and who did what. We rewind the tape a million times to find peace in it. But every time we go there, it brings pain, so we...

What could potentially be an unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship? Few of the signs I could share: You feel that undying feeling of unhappiness when you are with them, but you can't a finger on why You feel your emotional needs aren't met. You don't spend quality time with each...

I have been watching VAMPIRE DIARIES with my daughter during the school holidays. And part of me was judging myself with a self-critical voice in my head, “Well, you are a spiritual person- you aren’t supposed to watch something intense like this.” And the other...

What does Untethered Goddess mean to me? One who is free from shackles of her self-limiting beliefs. One who is free from guilt, shame, or fear of owning her divine feminine parts. One who isn't tethered to anything that doesn't serve her. One who is free from submissive traits...

Here I am going back to BASICS- dropping off those masks I pulled off to over-manage, overdo, overachieve, over comply, and so on. With those masks, I created chaos in my life with a need to do more and more, be somewhere and not HERE. For me,...

I sat for my meditation, intending to clear what was offering resistance to my path to live my life from the highest potential. I was guided to do SOUL RETRIEVAL, and without any hesitation, I went deeper. Soon, the wounding of SHAME surfaced. I wondered what...

Grime- yes, that’s what I call it. All that’s pulled apart during the healing work is something that served its purpose in the past and is no longer needed now for your higher good. Grime is that eek, that muck which we carried along from past lives,...

Here and now, The moments flung by, the time passed by, Oh! I catch my mind in there not here, Stories it weaves, The crust of what-ifs it feeds, And captures the attention, Into the deep well, I drown, Breathlessly screaming for help. She takes over, Who? My soul! Takes me higher, Watching the mind game, At...

“Tsk! Tsk! I heard. And guess who? It was my old friend- old me! Old Me: "Hey! What are you doing? I am not happy with what you are doing.” Now Me: “ Why? My love” Old Me: “I feel discomfort. Remember, last time- how you messed up everything?...