My journey

I was born with a relentless deep connection to my intuition and inner calling which always made me stand out in a weird way. Hiding my core, true self- I grew up with putting layer on layer to blend in for years. I started out as a software engineer 2 decades ago but that deeper inner calling would haunt me occasionally. I continued ignoring it until the only way for me was to embark the journey inwards.

After few years of this ride, I found that going deeper and pulling out all my pieces no longer needed, embracing and accepting my darkness, knowing how my past was affecting my present, and then adjusting, shifting, reprogramming myself led me to put myself back together in a new fashion. It required work on a deeper soul level. It wasn’t easy and the darkness scared me. I was able to go deeper with help and guidance from my mentor which assisted me in finding my empowered self. And now, I feel drawn to support you on your journey.

I am passionate about supporting women to help them break free from oppressive circumstances and outdated cultural perspectives.  I created The Untethered Goddess which provides programs and sessions to help women unleash and connect to their inner goddess, leading them to live a transformed life with freedom, consciousness, authenticity and exuberance.

From my experience, there is no sticky tape solution.  It’s a spiral journey that unravels gradually.

I use a process to help you release conditioning, beliefs, or emotions offering resistance in your path. I provide you with a safe space to process the pain and intuitively healing the deep wounds. It will pave the way to live your life free from emotional blocks- feeling empowered.

If you are willing to work on and heal yourself – I’m here to support you on your voyage.