Shveta is an Intuitive Energetic Healer, Best Selling Amazon Author, inspired speaker, columnist, and poetess. She is passionate about empowering women, helping them to unleash and connect to their true authentic self and the goddess within. She helps and guides them to release the energetic blocks and trauma leading them to live a life of empowerment, freedom, liberation, and authenticity.

Know Your Worth Goddess

The multi-authored book titled “KNOW YOUR WORTH GODDESS” features 24 female authors from the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia including me. All of the women shared their journeys of reclaiming their worth, and inspired others to do the same through their personal stories. This new book is available as an Ebook, and paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble so that people from all around the world can have access to it.

Our Mission:

‘Know Your Worth Goddess’ is a reminder to women that we can often create an incorrect idea of who we think we are, and we sometimes need that pattern interrupt in life to know the truth. This book is your pattern interrupt, 24 beautiful stories to spark something within you. To stir things up, creating space for your soul to flow through and remind you of your truth. There is nothing more marvelous than seeing a woman remember who she is.

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Living Life Goddess Powered

This book is for all women who are ready to awaken their confidence, worth, and truth.

For women who are ready to reclaim their inner Goddess and rise.

For women who are ready to feel good about themselves again and allow that magic to flow through them out into the world.

The book is a collection of wisdom-infused stories from spiritual leaders from around the world. The stories are inspirational and come with practical guidance of how you can begin to take the steps to live life feeling confident, balanced, and connected.

Begin your journey today towards living your life Goddesspowered!

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