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Untether from Energetic Blocks

I support Lightworkers to release deep energetic blocks inserted in various ways- culture, old programming, templates, seals, tethers, shackles, past lives, infant soul memories, ancestral lineage, energetic cords, etc to clear all that’s holding you back from standing in your light and power. 

Multiple Healing Modalities

I use a process of integrated healing using different modalities like TriskeleHealing, EnergeticTethersRemoval, (Angelic) Reiki, Past/Soul Life Regression, Akashic Records, Light Language/Codes, Inner Child Healing, Emotion Codes, Dimensional Healing, Channeling, and Invoke your inner goddess.

Continued Support for you

I am here to support your inward journey to attain your highest potential calling on my intuitive and higher guidance, extensive training, and personal experiences. All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

I hold space for lightworkers who are spiritually awake and experiencing energetic blocks or have experienced trauma…it surfaces in a form of either something is weighing them down or something is not quite right. . It feels like something is clogging up their flow.

If this sounds like you… Then, know you’re here in this very moment at the right place!

Energetic Tethers Removal

Are you:

✨Feeling disempowered
✨Loss of connecting to the inner voice
✨Feeling fear- rational and irrational
✨Fear of being slaughtered or killed for speaking the truth
✨Feeling disconnected
✨Feeling loss, empty and alone
✨Feeling that you will be in trouble if you speak up

These tethers are similar to J-Seal Implants that hinder your growth and keep you disconnected from the higher self and divine beingness.

Each healing session is in association with your higher self, and the sessions are with the absolute consent and kind cooperation of your higher guidance. Most importantly, trust your higher self to know what is for your greater good and your healing.

Following each releasing/healing session, your body will require deep integration as your light body begins to draw in the energies that have been unconsciously being drawn to those tethers. I will guide you through the process to allow the integration after each session. I will support you through the journey to restore and recode with restructuring at the cellular level, installing Merkabah, and recoding the DNA.

In Three 90 mins 1:1 sessions, we will release and remove the energetic tethers that hold your power back inhibiting you from showing yourself up and knowing your higher purposes.
These 3 sessions will activate your memories, spiritual gifts, and your purpose that will support you to claim your power back from the old azoic tethers and release the old programming that keeps you in the loop of hitting a wall.


All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

Duration: Each session 90 minutes (x3)


Deeper Inner Healing

Have you been:

✨Feeling stuck with your repeated patterns/behaviour?

✨Unsure of what is causing so much pain or suffering?

✨Feeling inexplicably sad, scared, guilty, suppressed, or depressed and can’t put a finger on what is looming?

✨Wondering where to start your inward journey?

Energy blockages are like malicious codes running constantly in the background eating up our own system.

And the first biggest step is to be aware that there are blocks that are hindering you from living your highest potential.
Just like we clean up our computers- we run the scanning software to identify the type of malaciousness it’s running in the background. 💻

🔆Constrictions, resistance, exhaustion, fatigue are some of the signs your inner being is asking for help.

🔆You can then choose to go deeper with that feeling and explore more.

🔆Explore that discomfort, the pain, the energy in your body. Those are the energy blocks that can be removed if you choose to.

We go deeper, we identify the blocks, we explore them, and then intuitively using
different modalities- we remove them for the highest good. As the blockages are removed- we feel the ease and flow in the body. With each session, we unravel the deeper matrix that’s inhibiting your growth.


All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

Duration: Each session 90 minutes


Triskele Healing

Will attune you to the Triskele symbol that will support your healing journey. This attunement will connect you to the power of THREE that will open doorways to the different realms of healing.

This attunement can then be used in your healing practice after a few months of experience. 

We will focus on different aspects in each session.


✨Past-Present-Future Quantam merging timelines

✨Gaia-Heaven-Heart attunement

✨Water-Earth-Air Elements integration

✨Three HigherChakras to Heart 

✨Three Lower chakras to Heartspace

and many more as per the intuitive guidance.

This will assist you to embody the Triskele in your heart-space for healing three different wounding at the same time.

Calling in Triskele brings the power of number three which has been used over and over again in spiritual healing to attune to the higher realms with ease.

The power of Triskele lies in its three spirals and the attunement will create the direct connection to the Triple gods and Triple goddesses, High priestesses, and Druids for your higher good.

The spiritual gifts will flow towards you as start tapping into the triskele installation in your heart.

This modality was downloaded by my higher team to assist the Lightworkers to hold more LOVE and light on Earth Plane while healing their own wounds.

It is also best suited for you if you are looking to have an additional modality in your healing practice.

All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

Duration: Each session 90 minutes(x3)

Soul/Past Life Recall Regression

There are times when our emotions are amplified due to past life experiences and the traumatic memory still sitting in our DNA.

Past life recall Regression is a gentle way where our souls guide us to places that are playing in this lifetime.
It’s a soul-led session that helps you find the soul fragments that are missing. When we integrate those splinters, it allows you to feel empowered reminding you of your higher purpose, spiritual gifts and power. 

🔆The recall helps you EXPERIENCE past life regression.

🔆It reveals the deeply buried core memories that are influencing your current life, behaviour, thoughts, etc

🔆The core memories of the past life or past experiences in this lifetime.

🔆Our higher selves will guide us on what to be healed at that very moment or stage of our life.

🔆It allows you to understand who you are, why you are experiencing certain things.

🔆It will assist you in living your life more empowered and with compassion.

All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

Experience recall regression which will help you reveal the deep buried memories of past life or childhood experiences.


Duration: 90 minutes


Invoke Inner Goddess

There’s a drizzle of everything in each moment- good and bad.
And connecting to your inner goddess brings you back in balance.
During this session, I help you connect to the inner rhythm, balance the masculine and feminine energies, channel your inner goddess and assist you to be in a state of flowing.

If you feel you are rushing through life, not enough time to stop by or relax- the chances are your masculine and feminine energies are out of balance.

Have you been:

🔆Desiring to connect to your inner goddess?

🔆Wondering how to tap into her and receive messages for your highest good?

🔆Wanting to have an ongoing harmonious relationship with her?

🔆Drawn to ever invoke your divine feminine energies?

Connecting to our inner goddess helps in creating the flow and rhythm of life, Gaia, and the beingness. Inner goddess is the divine feminine part that resides in each one of us regardless of gender. As we invoke the divine feminine within and tap into her energy, rhythm, wisdom, flow, power, courage, strength and connection emerges. 

All sessions and services are available globally on Zoom.

Through light-languages & codes, I support you with tapping into your inner goddess and re-establish the dormant connection to help you center into your heart space. 


Duration: 60 minutes