Jealousy Is A Facade Of Fear

Jealousy Is A Facade Of Fear

There are many dark emotions, patterns, and beliefs being released from collectives to prepare us for New Earth, where love, kindness, compassion, and the likes will triumph.

As we are getting ready for Newness, we need to shed what no longer serves us. And currently, one of the emotions being cleared out from the collective is JEALOUSY of others’ success.

Quite normal- Isn’t it? Well, Yes!!

But normal doesn’t mean it serves us.

And many of us are breaking those patterns of normalcy to upgrade the collective consciousness.

JEALOUSY is a facade of fear.

  • Fear of not being validated
  • Fear of losing out on something as others are getting it.
  • Fear of exclusion.
  • Fear of not being successful (where the definition of success is defined by the people you interact with – mainly your circle)

From our childhood, we inculcate the beliefs from our caretakers, well-meaning people.

  • Others will decide if I am better/worse than my siblings, friends, cousins, etc
  • I always need to do better than others to feel worthy.
  • My parents can finally see me if I do better than my best friend.
  • I am useless if I don’t win.

And many more -which then creates insecurity, and we defend the fear of feeling insecure by jealousy which can soon turn to envy if left unchecked.

As we start going deeper, every dark part comes to the surface for our acceptance, unraveling, and healing.

We then begin integrating our long-lost and forgotten fragments to become complete in ourselves- embarking on the journey home.

For healing those dark/unnoticed parts, it needs deeper inner healing work at the cellular level to upgrade our DNAs that align with the new earth.

I wish you love!!


Courtesy: Teachings of my mentor Louise C


Photo by Renato Mu from Pexels

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